An average of 800,000 are reported missing yet less than 300 qualify for an
amber alert

What if your senior loved one was lost?

90% of those with alzheimer's that wander off
cannot find their way
back home on their own

How about your loved one
who went to another country?

Who would help if you or a
family member
went missing in a foreign country?

or your daughter
who went on spring break?

96% of the missing students were away from
the college campus

Don't forget about your pets!

Help protect
all your loved ones today

Call Alert Center is a resourceful and technological way to create and distribute information effectively of a missing person or pet. When a loved one goes missing, Call Alert Center has the capability of reaching mass numbers immediately via a text link; these include your family and friends, your buddy list, law enforcement, our mobile network, social media and local news. With 98% of mobile phones capable of opening a text link, this makes our services quite effective.

For those outside the United States, our missing person poster can be translated in 42 languages. Using our mobile translate menu, our mini-poster text link can be converted immediately on a mobile phone to the selected language. Understanding most people having their mobile phone with them at all times, this will be extremely important for those traveling abroad where help will be limited. No matter where you are, our service travels with you, both here and abroad!

Secure your safety today