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Sending your child off to college is a big step for them AND for you. As a parent, you can’t help to worry about their safety and while you can’t be with them every minute, we can. Most colleges don’t want to offer our services to families as we are told it may make the college seem less safe. The fact is our service will make it safer for the students as colleges are not well prepared to handle finding a student if they go missing. We have heard them say it over and over. We also have a 100% recovery rate with missing college students.

Only 10% of reported missing college students were found alive

Did You Know...

  • Safety is the number one concern for parents when their child goes off to college
  • 90% of students go missing off campus
  • If a missing student is off-campus, the college can do little to help
  • Doesn't  matter what size the college is, missing students will happen
  • Usually a 24 hour waiting period before a student can actually be considered missing by law enforcement

I was once asked by a college President, "What are the chances of a college student going missing?" My reply was straight-forward, "it doesn’t matter if it is 1 in 10 or 1 in a million if the student that goes missing is yours, that is all that matters."  Next words from him, “You are absolutely right, the parents should have this."

For only $20 per year, our service covers them year-round wherever they are, including spring, summer and winter breaks, hanging out with friends and even studying abroad. My guess is that this is the most affordable product you can buy for your child going off to college, yet the most important. The statistics on missing students are too scary to ignore, please help protect them for your own peace of mind and their own safety.

Bringing Them Home Safely

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“Thank you so much! You likely saved our daughter’s life.”

My wife and I had not talked to our daughter in four days. We reached out to Campus Security, which went to check on her and she was nowhere to be found. They said there was not much else they could do. After calling Call Alert Center, they assured everything would be okay. They sent their alert out in minutes and she was found in less than 20 minutes, off campus, very distraught, but safe.

- Justine and Kara, College Parents
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