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I have lived through this horrible experience with the worst of results, which is why I started this service for pet owners. Many of us have experienced a pet missing at some time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few minutes or several hours, it is a sick feeling. We know that every minute that your pet is missing, the chances for something tragic happening increases. You only have to drive down any road to understand this. Our goal is help get your pet back to you quickly and safely. With our 96% recovery rate, your chances of being reunited with your pet again will be increased.

9 out of 10 pet owners consider their pets part of their family.

Did You Know...

  • 67% of pet owners think a microchip is a trackable device, it is NOT
  • Roughly 52% of microchips are scanned successfully and 50% are outdated 
  • There is 0% chance our service will cause cancer in your pet, unlike microchips (see www.chipmenot.org)
  • Only 20% of lost dogs are reunited with their owners
  • Only 3% of lost cats are reunited with their owners

Being a pet owner myself, we find it quite rewarding to bring pets home safely to their owners every day. They are much more difficult to find as no one knows which direction they will go and how far away they are. Trying to create and distribute yourself is so time consuming and really limited on the coverage you can get. We can really help with the exposure of your missing pet by being able to send their missing poster to mobile phones in the area, along with local shelters.

Since most pets can be unpredictable, we do encourage pet owners to take the necessary steps to protect them. Even if you don’t use our service, at least put a collar tag on them as something is better than nothing. We emphasize with our customers to have all your pets information loaded into our system ahead of time so we can act immediately, otherwise if you do it after they are missing, it may be too late.

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“Critter Alert Center is the best recovery system for missing pets!”

- Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS
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