How long does it take to register?

Only a few minutes with two forms to complete. One is registrant’s information and another for descriptive details and photos. If you are using a promocode, then there would be one additional form.

Can I edit or update my information?

YES. Simply LOGIN with username and password and modify information and photos anytime, at no charge.

How quick will the poster be created and distributed after calling Call Alert Center?

Once updates of situation are complete, our system is very automated, usually less than 5 minutes.

Who and where will poster and text link of missing person be sent?

We send it immediately to your family, your buddy list, local law enforcement, our mobile network, registrant's Twitter account and news media, if necessary. Once you receive the text link of missing family member, forward it immediately to your mobile contacts and ask them to forward it to theirs. This will create tremendous awareness instantly and speed up the recovery.

How many languages can the missing person posters and mobile text links be translated to?

 Up to 42 languages and expanding. There is a dropdown translate menu on the mobile phone that allows instant translation to another language.

Is using a promocode different when registering?

Yes. First you have to fill out promocode registration page (may say Partner Registration) and submit. You will immediately see a web page showing your voucher link and it will also be emailed to you. You may copy/paste the link from the web page or use link in your email, BUT you MUST be logged out of our site to use it either way. This will take you to your Voucher Registration, where you fill out general information on first form and input descriptive information, including photos, on the second form. You will receive an email with instructions in case of an emergency.

Who should be registering for this service?

Essentially everyone as no one is immune from having this happen to them. People with Alzheimer’s should be immediately and anyone traveling abroad will definitely need our service as assistance will be limited.

Why do we ask to contact law enforcement first?

This is done to legitimize the missing person case and to get a case number for tracking. We learned early on that unfortunately some parents "throw" their child out and then report them missing to cover their actions. We want to provide the best service by serving those who actually need need it.

What if I am traveling abroad?

If you are in a foreign country, our service will be needed more as no one wants be completely helpless if they go missing where help may be limited.

Is Call Alert Center an insurance product?

This is not insurance, though it may look, sound and feel like it. That also means our service is not regulated as insurance either, thus giving partner companies more flexibility on how to utilize it.

Why is Call Alert Center so inexpensive?

Millions of people and pets are at risk. With millions of customers, we can keep our cost down. 

Should I be worried about sexual predators getting to my child's information?

Absolutely not. Sexual predators lure children through blogs, chat rooms, emails and certain websites. Our secure website and encrypted databases ensure your child's information is safe.

Isn't my information safer stored at home?

Most home PC's do not have an updated firewall, virus checker or Spyware detection software, leaving them vulnerable to hackers. Due to our security measures, the information is more secure at our data centers.

How often should I update my information?

When any difference in appearance is notable. Differences can include hairstyle, hair color, weight gain or loss, scars braces, etc.

Can't the parents spread the news about a missing child themselves?

Yes but if they are in a state of shock, which is likely, important facts may get left out. They shouldn't have worry about assembling information and photos, convey pictures and descriptions to print or figure out how to disseminate information nationally through the Internet.

Can the police handle all these responsibilities?

Law-enforcement agencies need to direct their resources to the prevention and detection of crime; they're not primarily in the business of interacting with the mass media and most only have a small team to help with someone missing.

Why do we use only a photo, instead of videotape, fingerprints and DNA samples?

It is a fact that missing people are recovered with the use of a photograph than anything else. A still image is easier for most people to remember than a moving picture. Photographs can be posted in public places and quickly passed around; videotapes cannot. Fingerprints and DNA samples are identification tools - they do little to assist in recovery efforts.

How is Customer Support provided?

We have excellent customer support personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary support in an emergency. The toll free number is strictly for emergency calls only. If you have questions about your account or about non-emergency matters, you can contact us via email at one of the email addresses on the website. 

For college students, why not use the campus emergency notification system?

Unfortunately, colleges by definition do not do consider a missing student an emergency and likely never send out an emergency alert for it.

Could the College use my Student ID photo if a student is missing?

Yes and with most colleges the student ID photo was taken when a student first enrolls and remains valid as long as they are enrolled. It is not uncommon for a 5th year senior to still be using the same student ID obtained as a freshman. At Call Alert Center the photo can be updated anytime at no additional charge.

Can the parents spread the news about a missing college student themselves?

Yes and likely will have to if they do not have our service. If they are in a state of shock or fear, important facts may be left out. They will have to assemble information and photos, locate rescue organizations and convey pictures and descriptions to print and broadcast or figure out how to disseminate information.

Can campus security handle a missing student?

Probably not. A missing student is not what they are prepared to do. They are much like other law enforcement in protecting the students on campus, not off. Since most students go missing away from campus, the college will limited in what they can and will do.

For pet owners, how does Call Alert Center compare to other services?

Our service is superior in many ways like customer service available 24 x 7, speed of distribution (minutes vs. hours), features like the text link of mini-pet poster sent to mobile phones (not faxes or voice messages) and price ($15 per year vs. up to $449.98 for Pet Amber Alert and up to $875 for FIND TOTO).

Why do we use only a photo, instead of microchips, collars or tags?

Our posters and URL text link of mini poster to mobile phones let others know your pet is missing IMMEDIATELY whereas microchips, collars and tags only identifies the owner after the pet is found. We are a recovery service, the others are identification tools.

If I find a missing pet, who do I notify?

Simply call the owner's phone number on text alert or the missing pet poster.

When the poster goes out, who receives it?

The missing poster text link is sent to the pet owner, their buddy list and our mobile network in a specified mile radius based on zip codes. In addition, the full missing poster is sent to your email, your buddy list and to the local animal shelters list we have.

Why isn't there a comparison chart for Corporate Alert service along with the others?

The reason is simple, we have not found any service that offers any solution for a missing adult or if someone is traveling abroad. With that being said, depending on law enforcement will almost always have a 24 hour waiting period before any action is taken to find the missing person.