How It Works

Start by registering yourself and your family members before anyone goes missing as this is important and speeds up the process. Start by uploading descriptive information with photos and should only take a few minutes. In case of an emergency, law enforcement or a family member should contact our call center immediately and authorize the release of this data. We act quickly to start the recovery process by creating and distributing the missing poster to your family, law enforcement, your buddy list, our mobile network, social media and news media, if necessary.

Call Alert Center's unique service has the capability of sending a text link alert of a mini-poster to our mobile network, up to 12,000 per minute. For additional awareness, forward the text link to your mobile contact group immediately. For example, sending to 100 mobile contacts and ask them to forward it to 100 mobile contacts and forward to another 100 would create one million additional alerted people. This is significant and could speed up the recovery. 

Our alert will initially go to the zip/postal codes where a person was last seen to a radius minimum of 125 miles (200 km). We extend the radius if necessary to be sure ample coverage is provided. We send the text link to law enforcement, who can re-distribute it to their network. Our text alert will not expire until the missing person is found. You do not need a smartphone or download an APP for our services as 98% of mobile phones can open our text link.

Our call center is based in the USA and is available 24 x 7 with over 100 customer support reps waiting to help during this time of need. It is imperative that you and your loved ones are registered ahead of time. If you are traveling abroad, the missing poster and text link can be translated instantly to 106 languages. This may prove to be most helpful in countries that have a lot of foreign travelers that speak many different languages.

Example of text link distribution

Example of language translation


Samuel Morrison

Date Missing: July 7, 2016

Location Last Seen: Hartford, CT

Law Enforcement: Municipal Police

Contact Name: Jordin Morrison

Contact Number: ( 234)-567-8901

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The Buddy List

Your buddy list is very important in the recovery process. While registering you can add as many friends, family and neighbor contacts for us to notify immediately. It’s possible someone on your buddy list may know your loved one's immediate whereabouts, thus speeding up the recovery. This list should include close friends, family members, neighbors and people traveling with you. This information may be difficult to come up with during stressful times, so having this already in place is vital. You may update or edit your buddy list at any time.


Contact authorities to report missing persons and to obtain a case number for verification

Authorities/ Family Members:

  • Contact Call Alert Center in U.S. (877-306-4250), outside U.S. (877-777-9416)
    • Call Center immediately:
      • Creates full poster and text link alert of mini-poster of missing person or pet
      • Full poster sent to family, buddy list, law enforcement, and news media, if necessary
      • Mini-poster link sent to buddy list and mobile network based on zip/postal codes where the person went missing
      • Text link of poster automatically sent to their Twitter account followers (if added)

Comparison Charts

Caregiver Chart

Caregiver Alert ServiceAlzheimer’s Association MedicAlert + Safe ReturnGPS Tracking Devices
RegistrationEasy on-line registration makes it convenient to meet your schedule. Upon completion, instructions immediately emailed on what to do in case of an emergency.Somewhat confusing on-line registration. Phone-in, mail or fax are other options. No photos of missing Alzheimer patient.Registrant must set up account on tracking devices with parameters put in place to know limits of device and safety zones.
Retail Price$15 per person per year$55 per person per year + $7 for shippingVaries from $149 to $299
Renewal Price$12 per person per year$35 per person per yearVaries from $25 - $50 MONTHLY
LimitationsNONELost person must be found by someone without them really knowing they are missing, thus recovery is accidental at best.Many devices require registrant to stay within a certain radius to be able to track them. Many also will not cover registrants if they are in an automobile.
During An EmergencyLaw enforcement notified to create a missing person case. Family, caregiver or law enforcement contacts CAC call center. Missing person poster is created and distributed electronically by our call center to the appropriate resources for recovery. Text alert with mini-poster immediately sent to our mobile network and customer’s buddy list. Average time for Caregiver Alert to distribute information is 7 minutes!Caregiver calls MedicAlert number to report. Information and a photo are faxed to law enforcement who conducts the search. Support is provided by MedicAlert + Safe Return and local Alzheimer’s Association chapters. The average time for law enforcement to distribute information is 7 hours!Caregivers are notified if person with GPS device wanders outside a designated zone. Device should pinpoint the location with accuracy and that person should be found, provided they are within the designated zone.
Keys to finding missing personCaregiver Alert creates and distributes a missing person’s information immediately and in mass numbers. Statistics show 90% of missing people are found with eyes and ears and by showing the photo on a mobile phone is extremely important.The hope that the missing person will be found by someone, possibly walking by. No one will know in advance if person is actually missing and the missing person may not realize they are even lost.Lost person must be within designated zone radius. Person MUST have the GPS with them and it MUST be charged to work. Both are susceptible to being forgotten or low battery as GPS resources drain battery life quickly.
Customer’s PhotosThe customer’s information and photos are uploaded when registering and can be updated anytime, no charge. This could also include the car they may be driving if they go missing.There is no photo involved until AFTER person is missing and then faxed to law enforcement.NONE
Bottom-lineCaregiver Alert Service travels with you wherever you go! There is nothing that has to stay on the person in order to find them or has distance limitations.What happens if your loved one forgets their necklace/bracelet, loses it or simply takes it off?Expensive comparatively yet would be effective if registrant follows all the conditions required, which are many.

Child Chart

Child Alert ServiceID Card Kits
RegistrationOn-line capability makes it convenient and flexible to meet your schedule and done by parents.ID Cards are manually created during specific scheduled events or outside parties.
UpdatesSelf-service by the parent and can be done anytime and as often as necessary to ensure the information is accurate. Photos should reflect any changes in the child’s appearance, all at no charge.There are usually no updates until the company comes back the next year to make new ID Cards.
Data InputData is more secure because the input is done by the parents.ID kits usually compiled by unknown third party of strangers that have access to your child’s personal data.
EmergencyParent contacts law enforcement to report child missing. Family or law enforcement contacts CAC call center with case number for validation and tracking. The poster is immediately created and distributed back to parents, buddy list, law enforcement and mobile network. This is done in less than 7 minutes!The parent contacts the police, who have to retrieve the ID Card and CD (if there is one). The missing child photo must be enlarged, poster created and distributed to their “contact” list. The average time for law enforcement to distribute missing child information is 7 hours!
BackupChild Alert service keeps the child’s information and photos stored on highly secured databases which have redundant backup centers.Just additional cards. They may be misplaced or lost and cannot be replaced until that company comes back to take pictures for the next year.
Child’s PhotoThe child’s information and photos are digitally uploaded and may be changed and updated at any time.The photo is very small and the integrity of the picture may be compromised when enlarged for posters.
FingerprintsWe do not offer fingerprinting for one simple reason; it is an identification tool, not a useful recovery tool.Fingerprints are part of the ID Kit.
FeesOur service is only $15 per year, per child. Renewal fee is only $12 per year, per child. Volume discounts available.Varies, usually $7-$10 for one card and additional cost for extra cards for each child.
Bottom-lineChild Alert Center offers a safe and secure service that employs the latest technology to provide widely distributed critical information that will compress the time between loss and the hopeful recovery of your missing child.Fingerprinting and other methods of identification may be helpful tools but do not offer a method for immediate distribution of a child’s photo or information.

Critter Chart

Critter Alert ServiceMicrochips
RegistrationEasy on-line registration makes it convenient to meet your schedule. Upon completion, instructions immediately emailed on what to do in case of an emergency.This will be done at a veterinarian’s office or through an animal shelter. Pet will be placed under anesthesia to implant the chip, thus some concern for many pets, especially older pets.
Retail Price$15 per pet per yearVaries from companies, usually between $25 and $50
Renewal Price$12 per pet per yearUsually around $16 to $24.95
Safety100% as not intrusion to the pet’s body with foreign substanceMost microchip companies have been sued by pet owners for causing cancer, other conditions and death due to an implanted microchip. Visit
During An EmergencyPet owner contacts CAC call center. Missing pet poster is created and distributed electronically by call center to the appropriate resources for recovery. Text alert with mini-poster immediately sent to pet owner, pet owner’s buddy list, local animal shelters and our mobile network.If pet goes missing you are at the mercy of someone finding your pet and actually taking the time to have it scanned for a verifiable microchip. Since there are different frequencies for scanning, the success rate is around 52%.
Keys to finding missing personCritter Alert creates and distributes a missing pet’s information immediately and in mass numbers. Statistics show 90% of missing pets are found with eyes and ears. These include those aware and alerted in your own community. Our proactive approach is far superior method in finding a pet and the speed of which information is distributed.The hope that the missing pet will be found by someone, possibly walking by. No one will know in advance if pet is actually missing and the people may see it and not realize it is lost.
Pet’s PhotosThe pets information and photos are uploaded when registering and can be updated anytime, no charge.There is no photo, just the microchip.
Tools to SuccessSending a mini-poster via text link to mobile network, which 98% of mobile phones can view. Up to 10,000 per minute! Text link can be forwarded from customer’s mobile contacts group for maximum awareness. This includes a photo of the missing pet! Example of power with mobile contact forwarding, 100 x 100 x 100 = 1 million, immediate awareness.Microchip is implanted into pet’s body with surgical procedure. Hopefully when pet is missing, someone will find it to have it scanned successfully by someone with a microchip reader that will identify the owner. Over 50% of microchips have outdated information, so keeping the information up to day is important.
Bottom-lineCritter Alert offers a proactive approach in recovering you pet by having your information ahead of time and being able to distribute it in mass numbers with a photo poster.It is a product of chance. Someone has to find the missing pet, take it to have it scanned by a microchip reader than can read the chip.

College Chart

College Alert ServiceCampus Police
Student UpdatesSelf-service by the parent/student and can be done anytime at no additional charge. Can be done often as necessary to be sure the information is current and the photos reflect any significant changes in the student’s appearance.Any updates would have to be made at the security’s schedule, not the students. Therefore, it is less likely that student would update information because of the inconvenience. Usually a cost associated to replace or update.
Creation and Distribution of Missing Student PosterCollege Alert uses the latest photos and information student uploaded. Poster sent electronically via email for distribution. URL text link of “mini” poster and full sized poster for distribution to mobile users.Information and photo would be taken from when student first registered. Could be as old as 4-5 years since most colleges only do the student ID their Freshman year. Distribution of poster done via email only.
Emergency ProcedureAfter contacting our call center, within minutes an automated student’s poster is created. Would be sent initially to “buddy list” as possible quick locator before mass distribution is done. If no immediate response, then full poster sent to campus police and law enforcement.Police would have to gather and verify information before distributing. This could take hours or days. It may involve using multiple systems to retrieve photos, student information and requires Campus Police to merge the data into a form for distribution.
Buddy ListStudents should upload contact information of their 10 best resources to contact if needed. This should include close friends and immediate family.There is none.
Text MessagingCapability to send 10,000 text link alerts per minute immediately to mobile users of missing student poster.May be available for text only but not likely to show a missing student poster, especially with updated photo.
Bottom-lineCollege Alert employs the latest technology to provide widely distributed critical information that may compress the time between loss and hopeful recovery of a missing student. Excellent complement to existing college security capabilities.While Campus police has the capability to create/distribute a missing student poster; it will take longer, may have outdated information, no buddy list for quick help and without showing current photo. Why not use a service that vastly improves what is in place today for the safety of the student?


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